Have you ever lost and found something?

…something you really cared for? I have never been attached to jewels, in general. In fact, I do not even like wearing necklaces, earrings or bracelets, and unless I receive one as a present, I do not buy anything of the kind. To be honest, the only things I wear are those that have a meaning to me. I have only ever had one necklace that was very dear to me, that I always wore and that I considered my lucky charm. I had it for twelve years and during this long time, I lost it more than once, in the most different situations, but incredibly I always lost and found it back again! I remember once I saw it lying on the bottom of the swimming pool while swimming. I started to believe that there was a reason if I kept losing and finding it, something like “my lucky charm would not abandon me as long as I needed it”.

Maybe, being aware that one day I could lose it and not be so fortunate as to find it again, I unconsciously created this little story to prepare for the day. Well, that day arrived a few months ago. At first, I was desperate, I could not believe I was unable to find it this time but once I calmed down, it was easy for me to accept that it was gone. I learnt as a lesson, that being ready to accept that things (and people) come and go, are lost and found, is the best way to be prepared to face what life throws at us, a lesson that I feel it is worth sharing as a suggestion for everybody.