Lost and found god

Missing pets are one of the situations that people who have their own pets most complain about. Because our cute friends who misbehave by escaping somewhere sometimes do this as a game, they cannot find their way back home. Losing a cat or a dog would be very annoying and upsetting for the owner. So, what can be done to eliminate this situation?

When your pet runs away from your home or finds a way to get away from their leash, you usually try to find your friend via printing and sticking flyers over your neighborhood or posting lost and found adverts over the internet. However, this may not produce particularly satisfactory results. Instead, the healthiest thing you need to do is to take precautions beforehand to find your lost and found dog more easily with the Rewardhero ID tag system. Let us take a closer look at how this system works!

Recovering a lost and found pet

The healthiest method to find your lost pets would be using an ID tag. With smart leashes, also referred to as “Smart Tag” by some people, lost and found pets can be easily recovered by their owners. You can save the lives of your dear friends by using this very functional method, but also you may be wondering how the system works. So, let us take a look at how this exquisite system works!

Your registered information and the unique code assigned to this tag on your pet’s leash will be stored in the RewardHero system. If someone sees your pet, s/he will notice our specially designed and shiny tags and see the company website and contact info. When the finder visits our website, s/he can enter the tag code, then, we will arrange the process of recovering your lost and found dog and try to deliver to you in the safest and quickest way possible. 

You can use this convenient application system with the ID tags that are attachable to your friends’ leashes easily, which will make your pets easier to find. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of solutions that will help you find lost and found pets more easily and help your dear friends not to stay outside and in danger any longer. Moreover, it should be stated that the effort and energy you will make to find your lost pet will decrease even more.

Why Are Reward Heroes in the Community are Struggling for?

People who do not allow pets to stay outside are mobilized to find your lost and found pets. In this way, our friends, who are brought home in a fleeting time, find peace in their warm homes. We can say that the volunteers take action to ensure that the animals continue to live in a healthy environment and benefit from small surprises.

You can use this wonderful system for your lost pet, or you can help others find their lovely friends with the privileges offered by this system. We are together in this system for our precious pet friends!…

Have you ever lost and found something?

…something you really cared for? I have never been attached to jewels, in general. In fact, I do not even like wearing necklaces, earrings or bracelets, and unless I receive one as a present, I do not buy anything of the kind. To be honest, the only things I wear are those that have a meaning to me. I have only ever had one necklace that was very dear to me, that I always wore and that I considered my lucky charm. I had it for twelve years and during this long time, I lost it more than once, in the most different situations, but incredibly I always lost and found it back again! I remember once I saw it lying on the bottom of the swimming pool while swimming. I started to believe that there was a reason if I kept losing and finding it, something like “my lucky charm would not abandon me as long as I needed it”.

Maybe, being aware that one day I could lose it and not be so fortunate as to find it again, I unconsciously created this little story to prepare for the day. Well, that day arrived a few months ago. At first, I was desperate, I could not believe I was unable to find it this time but once I calmed down, it was easy for me to accept that it was gone. I learnt as a lesson, that being ready to accept that things (and people) come and go, are lost and found, is the best way to be prepared to face what life throws at us, a lesson that I feel it is worth sharing as a suggestion for everybody.…